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Another fantastic trace

26th January 2017

100 year old freeholder trace

We had a case in last week for a freeholder of a property. Read how our people tracing experts found the right person through genealogy trawls and historical data sweeps. (we have changed the names and addresses to ensure our clients privacy)

 We were supplied details of Ivy Smith of 33 Cheshire Street Chelmsford.

We started with Ivy. Historical data sweeps with the British library and other historical resources located numerous newspaper articles about her role as an RSPCA worker. We also found some court details regarding a minor infraction she was involved with from this data we soon found that she was aged 39 at that time.  However, this article was published in 1930 meaning that she would have been born in or near 1891.

We then reverted to the birth index and quickly found matching results.

Great! We now had a full birth name and a full date of birth. But did she marry? Did she have children?

As you can imagine with a name like smith the marriage searches were long and tiresome. We sieved through countless possible marriages only to discount them each time. We did consider that it was reasonable that she did not marry.

We then reverted back to the genealogy sweeps and obtained her birth certificate and constructed a small family tree.

She had one sister, Helen, born in 1895 and one brother, Thomas, born in 1896. Her father Colin appeared to marry her mother Eve, in 1890.

We then located a death for her father and obtained a copy of his will. He died in 1950 meaning that Ivy was around 59 years old and this document had confirmed she was not married.

Death searches did locate several name matches but none of these matches appeared to be our subject.

We then reverted to the rest of the family and again searches for death records.

It seems that her brother, Thomas, married Lilly in 1918 and had a child. Adam Smith in 1922. Again we confirmed the death of Adam smith in 1999. Again, we located his will.

The will indicated that Adam had a daughter who was married and was now known as Sarah Hughes. The address on the will was out of date but we quickly traced a current address in Addlestone Surrey.

We wrote to Mrs. Hughes and asked her if she had any knowledge of IVY.


She knew that Ivy was in a long-term relationship with Simon Walters. Simon was married before. They never married but Ivy took on the name.

Low and behold we found the death of Ivy Walters in 1966.

We located her will which named, a new beneficiary


Our client was fascinated with the lengths our researches went to obtain the confirmation of Ivy’s death and locate the new beneficiary.

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Some of the name and place detail shave been changed to ensure our clients privacy. We offer the above as an accurate sequence of events that led to our end conclusion