Saturday, 10 March 2018

The People Location Tracing Agents

Trace A Person With People Location

After over 20 years in the tracing agent industry we have changed quite a bit in the last 20. In the beginning, the late 1990’s, we were one of many low-end tracing agents undertaking work for legal firms, credit companies and Private eyes.

The main reasons we were instructed was to locate debtors who had unpaid bills or skipped off without paying fines, loans or rent.

As I said, In the 1990’s the company was nothing special. We offered fast people tracing in volume. Traces came think and fast and they were completed in the same way.  It was little more than data processing at the time, checking phone books, electoral roll details and credit data. We needed high volume and turnaround times. There was no time to deal with clients, do additional checks or in-depth reports. It was simple “Get em in, Get em out”!

After 10 years doing tracing in the usual volume was we decided to make some changes to how we operated. In 2008 we did something new. We launched a new version of the company and decided to do much more than all the other tracing agents out there were doing.

We set out to offer much more than a fast in out service with low end reporting. We wanted to give everything from maps data, occupancy data, telephone searches and genealogy where applicable. This was a breath of fresh air!

We were soon offering the new people tracing service directly to the general public at cost effective rates. It wasn’t only cost effective, it also cut out the middle-man.  So, we are dealing with the end client directly we had the chance to get real knowledge of what our clients wanted and why. We now take time out to run these additional searches and check the accuracy of our people traces and supply in-depth reporting on every case.

No one else was doing this at the time, well not at the level we were. We simply focused our whole company on people tracing.

Another 10+ years has gone by and we are still going strong! We continue to trade under our new brand, People Location and we still offer this high-end level of people finding services to our customers.

Trace A Person With People Location
We still see the lower end people tracing agents and companies doing what we put aside 10 years ago, getting the traces in and out as soon as possible! We know this will always have an effect on accuracy and client satisfaction.

We now only offer High end, in-depth tracing services supplying our client with what they actually need and more.

If you want to know about what we do and how we do it visit us online at Or call us on 0208 390 1703.


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